Minimum Requirements

Other systems claim they are “web-based”, but they only use the web to transmit data, meaning you still have to load software, have IT staff install software updates, use money and staff to buy and maintain servers, and have IT staff to make sure everything stays up and running.

eCOMPAS ®, on the other hand, is completely web-based, which means drastically lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). You and your Providers do not need dedicated staff, hardware, equipment, servers, Microsoft licenses, etc. All you need are PCs with a connection to the Internet

We have greater than 99% uptime and any issues are resolved on average in less than four hours. Your data is stored centrally and secured with highest levels of encryption and confidentiality. Your data is yours and you may download it at any time

eCOMPAS utilizes Web 2.0 technology giving you a rich interactive experience better than desktop applications. According to our clients and others, the performance of eCOMPAS far exceeds other systems. See one example of this technology by visiting one of eCOMPAS’s Online Interactive Resource Guide

Being fully web-based also allows the secure dissemination of eCOMPAS’s real-time charts and graphs to non-technical stakeholders 24/7 at any geographic location.

Further, collection of client satisfaction on-line can cut associated paper and mailing costs by 90% or more, even in urban populations with low socioeconomic status.